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Metal Accent Tile

Have you ever seen an entryway to a home that has large ceramic tile that?s been laid in a diamond pattern with small one inch metal accent tile at the corners? Or a bathroom that has a sunken in Jacuzzi tub with ceramic tile that?s been inlaid with metal accent tile and metal accent border tile? What a sight! The warmth and beauty metal accent tile gives to any ceramic tile design is just jaw dropping. Metal accent tiles only get better over time. Unlike other wall and floor coverings that fade out of fashion, tile is one of the timeless artistic expressions that have been with us sense the ancient days of the Pharos.

The most common use for metal accent tile is in kitchen backsplashes. New kitchen designs are incorporating large cooking ranges, like a Viking cook range, with a vent hood just above it. These large vent hoods are often custom designed to match the décor of the kitchen but have a hard time flowing with the cook range. A large open backsplash just behind the range if designed correctly will create unity between the vent hood and the range. Metal accent tiles are a great way to take elements from the cooking range which is metal and the vent hood that could be metal or wood and create a design that is both eye catching and stylish.

Metal accent tile come form foundries are made by metal artists with an eye for beauty. Most copper and bronze metal accent tiles are made by hand through the process of metal casting. First a metal accent tile mold is made out of fine sand. This sand casting will have the inverse of the metal accent tile design in it. With the two halves of the sand mold together, the metal accent tile is ready for casting. Copper, bronze, aluminum, and pewter are the most common metals used to make metal accent tile. The metal is melted until it is in a liquid form and is then poured into the sand casting. After a few minutes in the casting the mold is broken open and the newly formed metal accent tile is ready for final cleaning and buffing.

Most metal accent tiles are only one inch square or border tile, but more and more people are using larger metal accent tile in new and everlasting designs. What ever your tile needs are, with metal accent tile you are sure to have a design that will last the ages.

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