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Faux Metal Tiles

Faux metal tiles have been made from a number of raw materials, such as ceramic and metal amalgamations. There are even some made from cardboard. If you are looking for a cheap alternative to the durable and standard metal tiles like bronze, stainless steel, and copper faux offers an attractive alternative. However, many times there are unsuspecting buyers ready to part with their money for less than legitimate metal tiles. Refer to the FAQ article “What you should be aware of when buying metal wall tiles”.

Craft hobbyists use a variety of techniques and materials to simulate the look and feel of metal tiles. Some of these techniques include the use of metallic paints, pastes, pigment powders, and embossing devices. Some faux metal tiles are composites, using a ceramic substrate as the backing and plating it with an inexpensive metal alloy like pewter. These can be very impressive from a distance or close up. However, they fool no one when hefted. This lesser mass does make installation of faux metal tiles much easier and less expensive.

Basically, if you intend to use faux metal tiles on walls and ceilings, you will probably get away with it. They can look as good, but not always, as the originals. Just don?t use them for flooring.

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