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Copper Tiles
One of the Earliest Metals Used for Decoration

As early as 6000 B.C., copper was used for making beautiful jewelry worn by Egyptian pharos and was considered a precious metal. Once the Egyptians learned how to hammer native copper into sheets they made tools for building and ornaments like copper tile to adorn the buildings they made. Copper tile was chosen for beautifying Egyptian's buildings because of the resistant qualities that copper tile possesses to deep corrosion, in that it will not rust. In damp air, copper tile turns from a reddish-orange to a reddish-brown color. Today we find examples of aged copper on homes with copper rain gutters, copper tile accents in tiled floors and walls, and copper awnings. These copper pronunciations beautify and add uniqueness to the home giving the home owner creative standing over other homes in the neighborhood.

Current trends have taken copper tile to new places in our own personal Egyptian palace we call home. Decorative hands carved copper tiles are finding there way into elegant tile designs as center peaces to larger ceramic tiles patterns. Entryway tiled floors, kitchen backsplashes, bathroom tiled floors, tiled bathtubs, fire place mantles, and other tile covered surfaces are being beautified by homeowners with copper tile.

One of the most popular places in the home to use copper tile is in a kitchen backsplash. With today's new stainless steel ovens that are made to look old fashion and vent hoods to match, a copper tile inlayed backsplash has become the only way to properly finish the kitchen design. Copper tile can be used to frame in an area just above the oven making a picture framed area that is perfect for larger copper tile center pieces.

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