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Copper Patina Tiles
Types and Process of Copper Patina

There are three major styles of copper patina tiles: aqua copper, Rojo copper, and bronze copper. Each of these has distinctive and striking visual appeal. Rojo and bronze copper patina tiles have chaotic geometric shapes naturally formed during the oxidation process. While the aqua copper tile gives the sense of water flowing over it. Aqua copper patina has regions of bright turquoise among regions of brown.

Copper patina occurs when copper reacts to the oxygen in the air, called oxidation, which yields a new material called copper oxide. This copper oxide is of varying degrees, depending on the oxygen content in the air and the purity of the copper. These differences lend to a great variety of patterns and color intensity.

Tiles made from copper patina are corrosion resistant, and will stand the test of time, while giving that classic old world look. If you use copper patina tiles in your house you will be the most unique, sophisticated, and yet classy home owner you will know.

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